To The Business Owner Who Makes Millions... And Knows There's MORE…
Here’s Your Chance To Develop Business-Breakthroughs, Network And Adventure With Some of Australia’s Most Extraordinary Entrepreneurs - So You Can Build A LIFE You Love… Not Just a Business
Part 1 of 2
“I re-found my spark of enthusiasm and belief, within three months my income had climbed more than 100% and my personal fulfilment rose immeasurably”
Maurice Goldberg, International Artist and Entrepreneur (BRW Fastest 100 List for 3-years) – Sydney
“Our business was taking me 80+ hours a week to run and manage and was far from automated. Since working with you I’m now working a maximum of 35 hours a week, enjoying much more of my life with my family and we’re at least 12-months ahead of our goals to grow and automate our business”
Ian Forster, Director, Arrow Logistics - Toowoomba
“Within three months… we decreased my weekly working hours from 55 hours a week to 35 hours (20-hours less a week!) which improved my work/life balance significantly, while achieving new levels of flow within our business”
Dean Reid, CEO, The Leather Doctor (100+ Franchisees) – Gold Coast
Dear Million Dollar Business Owner, 

You’re about to learn how you can grow your business AND experience more freedom and fulfilment - without sacrificing health, wealth or relationship.

What’s more... 

You don’t have to wait until you’ve “launched your next product”... “got some more dollars in the bank” … or “knuckled down for one last 3-year period”.
You can have it all right now

Let me explain: 
My name is Leigh Eggins, and I’ve experienced many of the kinks and turns the business world has up its sleeve.

I’ve made millions, lost millions and now have the pleasure of coaching some of the country’s finest entrepreneurs. (Including Maurice Goldberg - Three times BRW Fastest 100 Listed).

I’m writing to you, because I recently decided to assist more entrepreneurs through our exclusive “Million Dollar Business Club” - which is currently supporting 34 million and multi-million dollar revenue business owners in achieving, and enjoying, more balance, fulfilment AND wealth - and I’d like to invite you to become number 35.

If you qualify, you will…

  • Uncover ways to make your life easier, more fun and more “in flow” right now.  (There’ll be no more “I’ll just grind it out for another 3 years and then…” -- you’ll learn how to spend less time working, and experience fulfilment now while still growing your fortune)
  • Experience adventures that would leave James Bond itching with envy – You’ll be snapped out of your routine and see your business from a whole new perspective. (We recently flew 5 helicopters to the hinterland behind Byron Bay for a secret “brunch with the titans”)
  •  Join a truly successful friendship group of like-minded “doers” who run million (and multi-million) dollar businesses AND live rich, rewarding lives. (This is more than just a mastermind… it’s a factory for fortune-generating ideas)
A quick word of warning:
This is not for everyone.

To keep standards high, we only accept Owners and Managing Directors of $1 million PLUS Companies. 
I’ll explain exactly how you can discover more about the opportunity in a second, but first…
Let me ask you a question…
Do You Suffer From “I’ll Be Happy When” Syndrome?
You know the one. Where you say things like… 
  • “I’ll get this product launched and… THEN go on holiday”
  • “I’ll just grind it out for the next 3 years... THEN take time off to spend with my kids”
  •  “I’ll just get another million in the bank… THEN I’ll start thinking about my health” 
The problem is, the “THEN” … Just. Never. Happens. 
Your “ifs” and “whens” keep on coming…
… 3 years of “grinding” turns into 10… 
… Your $1 million target becomes $10 million… $100 million… $1 billion…
Your kids grow up… move out of home… have kids of their own… 
And you’re still making promises to yourself about how you’re going to LIVE after hustling hard for “one last” 3-year period.
The sad truth is… 
Money Alone Does NOT Equal Success
Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, you have money.
And -- if you’re anything like our current Members -- you’ll make a lot more money if you’re accepted into Million Dollar Business Club.
You’ve probably started to realise, that as great as having money is... it isn’t the ‘be-all’ and ‘end-all’ of life.

In fact, did you know… 
  • The “workaholic” Crazy John (John Ilhan) grew his net worth to $310 million … became the 126th richest man in Australia… and then suddenly dropped dead at age 42, while on his morning walk… 
  • Divorce rates for entrepreneurs are estimated to be 10-12% higher than national averages… Mainly due to “partner neglect”. (Richard Branson, Donald Trump & Steve Jobs all have a failed marriages to their names) 
  • The most common deathbed regret for men is “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard at the expense of family and relationships”... 
  • Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec -- with a net worth of $100 million -- almost threw himself off a balcony after his wife and kids shut him out of their lives… (“I just wanted it to end” he said)
Now, these are extreme (and morbid) facts, but you see my point.
Chasing money at the expense of all else is a fool’s game.

Anyone with a bit of backbone can make a dollar… just follow proven paths, put your nose to the grindstone, and money will come.
A far more uncommon (and valuable) skill, is being able to make money, build wealth, contribute to the world -- AND -- live a rich life.

To live this way, you need to...
Let Business Happen Through You… Not To You…
Most entrepreneurs I work with discover they’re only a few small tweaks from unlocking exhilarating freedom in their lives.
And more often than not…
They discover that it’s not a matter of changing WHAT they’re doing. It’s just a matter of changing HOW they’re doing it.
You see…
There are three ways of operating in this world that dictate how much fulfilment you experience on a day-to-day basis:
1) The “To Me” Paradigm
Otherwise known as the “Victim Mentality” - this is the lowest level of consciousness.
When you live from the “To Me” perspective, it seems like the world is out to get you.

Everything is out of your control, and you battle in a frenzy of reactivity just to stay afloat.
The next level up is…
2) The “By Me” Paradigm
In this way of thinking, you know you have the power to make a difference.
You know that with the right plan -- and enough pigheaded discipline and determination -- you can achieve anything.

So you buckle down, work hard and you DO experience “success”.
The problem is…
You have to force everything.
Eventually (whether that’s after 1, 5, or 20 years) … you get tired… you lose your motivation… the work you used to love becomes a chore… and you start to wonder why on earth you’re doing it in the first place.

The “by me” paradigm is where most biz owners hang out their whole lives.

But there is another level...
3) The “Through Me” Paradigm
You know those days when you feel unstoppable… you feel like the universe is conspiring in your favour... and everything falls in your lap?
That’s when life is happening “through” you.
It feels easy. It feels ‘in flow’…
… And you feel like you’ve got infinite time and energy for the things and people that mean the most to you. (And -- as an added bonus -- Money and opportunities flow effortlessly!)
This is what we all secretly crave. And, Million Dollar Business Club has been carefully engineered to help you build it into your life.

All you need are 3 essential ingredients…
The 3 Essential Ingredients Of TRUE Success…
1) Connection
No - I don’t mean connection with any Joe-blow from the local pub… your brother in law… or even your old school mates...
Being a business owner often means spending long days with employees, clients and other people who can suck you into “small mind” thinking.
To live an inspired life - you need connection with like-minded, abundant people who dream and live as large as you do. People who can take your ideas, jam with them, and help you multiply them into rainmakers.
You know the type of people who light you up… just by being in the same room?
It’s time to start filling your life with those people.
“Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth.” – Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich
2) Inspiration 
When you’re the top dog in any business, it’s easy to fall into the “CEO blues”...
Work grinds away at you… motivations slips… and before long you’re in a rut you can’t see the forest for the trees.
Imagine having a whole cohort of high-achieving entrepreneurs injecting fresh perspectives and excitement into your business…
… Imagine travelling and adventuring with these abundant people…
… And imagine having Australia’s best business strategists and specialists (marketers, finance professionals, coaches, leadership experts…) giving you cutting edge strategies to apply to your business (and personal life) to bust through sticking points like paper walls.
This is true inspiration. And it will mean you never struggle for motivation or enthusiasm again.
3) Adventure
Speaking of long days in the office… how can you create bold visions when you’re trapped in a cage all day?
Adventure shakes you out of your routine, keeps you on your toes and keeps you churning out creative, expansive ideas.
You’re a successful business owner… You’re in rarefied air…. why not experience things that most people never even dream of experiencing?
And no – you don’t need to feel guilty - most of our Members experience more business breakthroughs flying a helicopter… or cruising in a super yacht … than they ever will in the boardroom.  
Million Dollar Business Club Puts You At 
The Centre Of A Group Of High-Achieving Entrepreneurs 
– Where You’ll Get Exclusive Access To Business “Gurus”, Generate Fortune-Building Opportunities, Adventure…
And Learn To Live In Flow
The Club is a hotbed for business and personal breakthroughs.

Here are some of the success stories that have been lighting up my smile over the last few weeks:
  • Deborah prepared her business for sale and improved the sales multiple by 25% - adding $5 million to the sale price. (She now lives in Whistler Canada enjoying her life long passion for skiing)
  • A Member set up an offshore call centre to handle all international enquiries and cut costs by over $1,000,000 per annum, which supported his intentions to work less and have more time to spend with his beloved family
  • A Member has improved his family lifestyle and grown his revenue by 5% every month since joining… for the past 5 months (monthly revenues are now up by about $650,000)
  • In just 3-months: A Member DOUBLED his sign-writing company's revenue… bought a new car… renovated his kitchen… and launched a side business focused on his passion for art
  • In just 4-months: Dean cut 25 hours from his work week while still growing his company well ahead of targets… he now gets to spend an extra 25 hours surfing, spending time with his young family and pursuing his acting career
  • A Member was about to wind down his mildly successful business to focus on a new venture… instead, with the help of the Club, he appointed a GM… increased revenue by over 600%... and freed himself to launch a second, passion-based company without sacrificing short-term income
Am I telling you all this just to brag and boast?
Definitely not.

I can’t take credit for all this success (although I’d love to), it’s all come through the combined power of the Club.

So let’s cut to the chase…
Here’s What You Get When You Join
Million Dollar Business Club…
2 x Full-Weekend “Meeting Of The Titans”:
  • Million Dollar “Business Breakthrough” Hot Seats so you can pin-point your biggest business (and life) challenges, then use the power of your Million Dollar “brains trust” to transform them into your biggest opportunities. (You’ll experience the true meaning of “a small shift in perspective creates a huge improvement in reality”)
  •  “Swipe & Deploy” Presentations From Million Dollar Insiders - You’ll hear from business specialists at the top of their games, and learn strategies that are creating real results and real profits in the real world - right now. (And how to apply them to your business to boost profits and increase time freedom) And So Much More...
  • “Dine Like Kings and Queens” Dinners & Entertainment - We treat ourselves to lavish dinners and have a belly-laugh or two while our business breakthroughs settle in. (You’ll also create friendships that could be worth tens of millions in years to come…)
  • Inspiring Full-Day “Adventure Sundays” - Experience top secret adventures that mere mortals will never experience. What’s involved? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. (I can say this: These adventures would make James Bond giddy with excitement - And will unlock game-changing perspectives on your business and life!)   
VIP Invitation To 7-Day “100% Unplugged” Retreat:
  • NO INTERNET + NO PHONES + MILLIONAIRE TRAVEL COMPANIONS = HUGE SHIFTS IN PERSPECTIVES = A LIFE AND BUSINESS WHICH FEEEEELS GOOOOOD - These 7-day retreats could be anything from hiking the Larapinta Trail, to sailboat cruising in the Whitsundays. You’ll be shaken out of your routine and see your world from a whole new perspective. (If you’ve ever felt like there’s gotta be more to life… these retreats hold the answers)
  •  Generate Lucrative Deals & Partnerships - Because these retreats shake up everyone’s “reality” and stimulate extreme creativity, they’re usually where the most lucrative and rewarding deals are made between Members
  • Guaranteed to Return a Better Person - You’ll return knowing what you didn’t know you knew (I know - sounds ultra “woo woo” - but when you experience this kind of shift in perspective you’ll get what I mean) 
Ongoing Coaching, Accountability & Support:
  • 60-Minute, Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions With Me (Leigh) - Together we’ll shed light on your ‘business blind spots’, and formulate strategies to grow your business while giving you 10, 20 or even 30 additional hours of “YOU time” each week. (You’ll gain clarity around yourself, your business and what you truly want from life - and walk away with a rock-solid road map to achieve those things)
  •  20-Minute “Shot in the Arm” Accountability Calls With Me - So you don’t just make plans, but actually deploy them to get real results. (You’ll hang up the phone inspired and feeling compelled to take massive action…)
  • Unlimited “Bat Email” Access To Me - You’ll have direct access to my personal email to ask questions, stay on track and ensure you’re milking every last drop of value from your Membership 
Millionaire “Brains Trust” & Community:
  • Members Only Facebook Group - you’ll have closed-door access to a small and ultra-responsive “brains trust” of million-dollar business owners. (With just a couple of keystrokes you’ll have over $500,000,000 worth of knowledge, contacts and experience to leverage in your business) 
  • Members Only “Business Tool Belt” - You’ll get VIP access to a secret goldmine of proven resources and tools… Like the LEEDAA Priority Management System… that shows you, in 30-minutes, exactly how you can add huge slabs of free time to your calendar whilst increasing business productivity (immediately eradicate the tasks that leave you feeling “blah”)
  • Lifelong Friendships With Like-Minded, Success-Driven Entrepreneurs - So you finally have a friendship group who “gets you” and pushes you to be MORE
Now, there are three levels of Membership, and features will vary based on the level you choose. 

No matter what level of Membership you choose…
You’ll Be Welcomed Into A Group Of Down-To-Earth, Successful Entrepreneurs...
You’ll Be Welcomed Into A Group Of Down-To-Earth, Successful Entrepreneurs...
These people are all “self-made” and all run million dollar and multi-million dollar companies in a wide range of industries.
Industries such as: 
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Leather & Furniture
  • Logistics
  • Franchising (if you want to scale fast, while removing yourself from the business - the contacts in this space are invaluable!)
  • Catering
  • Retail
  • Audiology
  • Software Development
  • And many more…
And most of them have been Members for multiple years...
Here’s What Some Of Our Million (& Multi-Million) Dollar Members' Partners Have to Say...
Received by email -

Good afternoon Leigh
Thank you for your recent assessment of our business. I read with interest regarding how you are serving and supporting Ian. I enjoyed reading the testimonials too. 

This snippet of information really shows you acknowledge there is more to your clients than their business presented to you. It's refreshing you are able to take ownership of your coaching and approach it holistically.
 Also thank you for making the time to meet with us last weekend. It sounds so cliché but I really had heard so much about you! Until last weekend you had been somewhat of an enigma as your guidance is more than noticeable (in a very positive way) yet as Ian's wife and co-business owner I was wondering where Ian's fresh motivation was coming from, how our business is developing and how new systems are falling into place in work and at home. 

It was very important to Ian that I meet you as he has spent so much time with you. It was important to me too as we both see you as an integral cog in our wheel (pardon the transport pun!!).
You continue to give Ian confidence to implement change and a new level of communication, and, like I said not only in the business setting but in our family life. A balance is emerging and we all benefit from that.
We all look forward to our next trip to Byron Bay and surrounds. It truly is a beautiful spot. I know the kids cannot wait to jump into that freezing cold water again....brrrr!!
With thanks

Received by text -

Hi Leigh, I've been meaning to message you all week. I just wanted to send you my gratitude for such an enjoyable weekend. 

I also wanted to personally thank you for all the wonderful tools, learnings and support you have given Nige. I am truly grateful. X Dar
You’ll Make Double Your Investment In the First 12-Months – Guaranteed
It’s all well and good for me to tell you that Million Dollar Business Club is going to change your life… and I’m confident it will…
You’ve probably heard it before.
So, to make this a very easy decision for you, I’d like to make this “no-brainer” guarantee:
If you join Million Dollar Business Club, attend the Mastermind event, attend the Retreat, and take part in all of your online coaching sessions...
I guarantee you’ll make a minimum of two times your investment in additional profit within the first 12-months (not to mention the new state of fulfillment you’ll inherit)...
I will refund every last cent of your Membership fee. (And you can keep your merchandise, “Rolodex” of new millionaire contacts, and all improvements in your life and business you’ve experienced over the year.) No questions asked.
Now with that in mind...

This Isn’t For Everyone. Here’s Who We’ll Accept.

Our strict (but reasonable) criteria:
  • You must be the Managing Director or Owner of a business that does $1 million+ in annual revenue
  • You must be committed to creating a greater version of your life and business
  •  You must be able to bring value to the group
That’s it. They’re our only three criteria.
If that sounds like you…
Here’s What To Do Now
If being part of the exclusive Million Dollar Business Club sounds appealing to you, I invite you to book a Zoom chat.
Here’s how to book your Zoom chat:

     Step 1: Click the button on this page and answer the questions

     Step 2: Book in a time for your Zoom chat with me (Leigh)

Once you’ve done that, we’ll jump on a Zoom call together.

We’ll talk you through the details of the Club, and I'll ask you some questions about your background and goals to make sure you're a good fit.
Just so you know, I'm fun and positive to chat with, and straightforward too.
If I don't think you’re a good fit, I'll be upfront. And I expect that you’ll do the same.
If that’s the case, you’ll end the call and go our separate ways.
No hard feelings.
However, if we agree that we are a good fit, and that Million Dollar Business Club is for you, here’s what will happen:
     1) I'll book you in for our next session where we will begin to plan your accelerated success

     2) Your application will be submitted to current Members for their final approval

Once you’ve been given the “all clear” – all you need to do is pay your Membership fee and you’re in.
Part 1 of 2
Still Unsure?
My marketing experts tell me that only 1% of people who read this page are going to take action.
Can you believe that? Even with an offer this strong?
You see, I know how much Members of the Club benefit from being part of this exclusive community…
I read their emails, talk to them on the phone, I even have dinner with their families from time to time. And all of these Members (or Members’ husbands and wives) tell me “Million Dollar Business Club has given me so much more enjoyment, balance and fulfilment in my life”.
That’s why I recently held a brainstorming session to come up with all the reasons you might decide not to book a Zoom chat. After several hours, the group could only come up with 3 reasons: 
1) “I Can’t Afford The Time” (You’re a Busy Business Owner After All)
I get it. You’re busy. We all have commitments.

Let me say this:

If you’re business is so fragile that you can’t drag yourself away from the office for 2 weekends… there’s even more reason for you to be part of Million Dollar Business Club.

The time you invest, the connections you make, the strategies you uncover will more than makeup for any losses in productivity while you’re away – and you’ll learn how to achieve the freedom from your business you're currently lacking.

Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy some tax-deductible adventure travel ;)

Can you really afford NOT to take the time?
2) “Why Is Million Dollar Business Club Structured Like This? (THE ADVENTURES, DINNERS and MASTERMINDS?)
Great question… and the answer is because it gets results!
Let me explain:
  • You'll Adventure, you'll Dine
  • You'll enjoy the benefits of regular Masterminds
  • You’ll learn from Specialists
  • You'll have the accountability of expert Coaches who ”get” you, and your business
  • And… your contact book will be exploding with extraordinary entrepreneurs you call friends
It’s one of those situations where the total impact of the Club is FAR greater than the sum of it’s parts.
This Club, and the experience it provides, has been carefully engineered to stimulate huge personal and business growth for Members.
When you combine these elements, and they work in harmony, you’ll quite possibly experience more business and personal breakthroughs in one year, than you’ve experienced in the previous twenty!

3) “How Much Does This Cost?”
The pricing is reasonable, and it’s all backed by our no brainer, two-times-ROI guarantee.

We don’t mention prices at this stage for two reasons:

     1) Unless you’re a good match for the Club, and we both know for certain that you will get value from it - pricing is irrelevant

     2) And secondly, we have three levels of Membership and pricing will depend on the level required to meet your specific needs

We will cover both these points when we meet for your Zoom chat.

Now, an important note:

We are only looking for open-minded business owners who are financially successful, and are willing to invest to improve the quality of their lives and realise a deeper purpose for their business. 


If price is your biggest concern - we probably aren’t a good fit.


If you are running a million dollar plus revenue company, and you’re excited about unlocking more freedom, flow and fulfilment in your life, I invite you to book your Zoom chat.
Time To Take Action
All you have to do is:
     1) Click the button on this page and fill out some basic questions

     2) Book a time for your Zoom chat

That’s it.

I’ll personally review your answers and will connect with you on Zoom at the arranged time.

Look forward to chatting soon :)

Warm regards,

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